Rod Roberts with Lancer Resources L.P.
An Excerpt from University of Oklahoma's Price College of Business Magazine

A member of the class of 1974 Rod Roberts majored in finance and management with a specialization in petroleum land management and minors in marketing, law and geology. Ten years later, after working for Exxon and the exploration company Patrick Petroleum, he went on to found Lancer Resources, L.P, an oil and gas company of which he remains the sole owner.

"My company is one of my passions, and I love making deals in the oil and gas industry," Roberts says.

Roberts' years in the OU College of Business were formative indeed. "OU gave me an excellent perspective into the oil and gas industry," he says. In recognition of the education and experience he gained in the college, in 2010 he made a $1 million commitment in honor of a beloved professor: the V. Ross Brown, Professor of Industry Endowment. According to Roberts, it was Brown who "laid out the initial path for my business career."

After nearly 40 years at the helm of a successful business, Roberts has some practical suggestions for today's energy management students. "Go to work for a large company first," he says,"and align yourself with the best talent in the organization. Determine the real winners and stay close to them while learning as much as you can about all facets of the company. If it's your desire, you can then go to work for a smaller boutique company and later down the road start your own business.

"The most important thing to do is ask a lot of questions, know yourself and be very respectful to the key players in your industry," he continues. "In most cases, they are happy to share their experiences and advice with you. Don't waste your energy trying to impress them with your knowledge. Most people don't care what you know; they want to impress you with what they know."